David Fleta

“Pibas en Orsai” ondary main character – Dir. Iván López (2017)
“En clave de Já” – Dir. Ramón Rodríguez (2015)

“The figurants” – Dir. Josefa Suárez (2019)
“Commedia de la mano de Carolina” Main carácter – Dir. Víctor Asís (2018)
A lot of drama scenes from texts like: “Blood weddings”, “Othello”, “King Lear”, “Caricias”, “Susie”, “The seagull”, “The importance of being Earnest” “Terror and misery of the Third Reich”, “Art”, “Uncle Vania” … And canovaccios from commedia del arte, cabaret performances, clown, escenic fencing, corporeal mime and pantomime.
“Pícaros, cómicos, clásicos” – Dir. Aranza Coello (2016)
“Arsenic and old lace” Main character – Dir. Baltasar Isla (2015)

“Perturbación” Main character – Dir. Agustín Hernández (2019)

“No te veo” Main character (videoclip YouTube) – Dir. Moises Expósito (2019)
I have being introducing some celebrations.

“Buero Vallejo award for best actor” for “Arsenic and old lace” (2015)

Dramatic art graduated on Tenerif ESAD (Finishing the last year)
Teenager theatre on Actors School (2015 & 2016)
“Origen” theatre experience by “La joven compañía” – Dir. Armando Buika, Claudia Coelho and Andoni Larrabeiti.

Spanish – Native
English – B1 Level

Performance: Improvisation, Articulating Clearly, Communicating Through Physical, Non-verbal Expressions, Variety on Interpretation Techniques (Neutral Mask, Clown, Cabaret and Avant-garde arts, Performances, Pantomime, Acrobatics, Corporeal Mime from Etienne Decroux)

Sports: Bicycle Riding, Horse Riding, Swimming, Tennis, Skiing, Runnig, Parkour, Acrobatic.
Team Skills: Taking Direction, Working Collaboratively.