Naira Gómez

Palmeras en la nieve. Director: Fernando Fernández Molina. 2015
30 Monedas. Director: Adonay Santana. 2013
Las Cartas de Malex. Director: Carlos Reyes Lima. 2012
Bentejuí. (Teaser) Director: Armando Ravelo. 2011.
Hora menos. Director: Frank Spano. 2010. Best Feature Film. Las Palmas Film Festival. 2011
El vuelo del Guirre. Directores: Teodoro y Santiago ríos. 2008.
La vida según Ofelia. Director: Rolando Díaz. 2006.

Carnival of Las Palmas de G.C. Dancer and Actríz. 2006 – 2011. 2014-2015.
La Revoltosa. Canarian television. Episodic character in the second season. 2012
Crazy of the head. Canarian television. 2006

DON JUAN TENORIO Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. Character: Doña Inés. 2017
THE MOUSETRAP. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2017
THE NIGHT OF NESTOR. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2016
THE ANIMATED FAUNA. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2015 – 16
7 WISHES FOR CHRISTMAS. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2015
DON JUAN TENORIO in Vegueta 2015. City Council of Las Palmas de G.C and Arteamos Productions Character: Doña Inés. Director: Jorge Reyes. 2015
ON THE BANKS OF THE SPOON RIVER. ArteAmos Productions. Director: Jorge Reyes. 2015

DON JUAN TENORIO Hybri2 Productions. Director: Leonardo Reyes. 2015 Character: Doña Inés.
MAGIC TOYS Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2014 – 2015
CHRISTMAS STORY. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2014
DON JUAN TENORIO in Vegueta 2014. Hybri2 Productions. Character: Doña Inés. Director: Leonardo Reyes. 2014
THE GARDEN OF THE ELVES. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2014
MOONSTER PARTY. THE MUSICAL OF THE GIRLS OF THE FULL MOON. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2013 – 2014
POCKET OPERA. Address Naira Gómez. Produced by MundoArte. 2014.
LESSONS OF CARNIVAL THE MUSICAL. Dongnao Productions Factory. Director: Iriome Del Toro. 2014.
LETTERS TO THE COMMANDER. Staging for the Columbus Museum House. Direction: Luifer Rodríguez and Mari Carmen Sánchez. 2013
SINGING TO ALL TRAIN. Production Room Gabriel Rodó. 2013
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel kings. 2012 – 2013
OPEN THE EYE 2RC Repertory Company. Director: Rafael Rodríguez. 2012 – 2013. Prize Replica 2012 Best Show.
THE INHABITED SEAS. 2RC Repertory Company. Director: Carlos Alonso Callero. 2009 – 2010. Replica Award 2009 Best Show of the Canary Islands. Nominated for the 2010 Max Awards as a Revelation Show.
DON JUAN TENORIO in Vegueta. Clapso Productions and DD Company. Directors: Natalia Menéndez (2005, 2006, 2007), Tamzin Towsend (2008) and Santiago Sánchez (2010).
A LIGHT IN THE OCEAN. Co-production of the Town Hall of Las Palmas de G.C. and Theater Anu & Bartel Meyer Artistic director: Israel Castro. 2011
POCKET OPERA. Co-production of MundoArte, Ayuntamiento and Cabildo de Las Palmas de G.C. Stage and artistic director: Israel Castro. 2011 – 2014
DREAM OF A NIGHT OF THEATER. Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2011
THE MAGIC LABYRINTH Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2010 – 2011
THE GREEN CIRCUS Clapso Productions. Director: Israel Reyes. 2010 – 2014
OTHELO. EAC. Director: Francisco Castellano. 2009. Character: Desdemona.
TABULA LUSORIA. Icarus Project Director: Michelle Moneta. Italy. 2009
MARIANELA Dramatized reading for the Pérez Galdós House Museum. Director: Israel Castro. 2008 – 2009
THE RHINOCEROS. EAC. Director: Jorge Reyes. 2008
BETWEEN ALIVE AND DEAD. Nadieshda Theater Company. Director: Vaylon Misha. 2006

ROAD TO THE MOON. Director: María de Vigo. 2016
IYENA Director: Mercedes Afonso. 2015
KRONOSCOPE Director: Naira Gómez. 2012
LIFE IN THE HANDS Director: Mercedes Afonso. 2012
THINGS WE FORGET. Director: Iván López. 2011
THE QUEEN OF THE FAIRIES. Director: Armando Ravelo. 2011
DESPAIR. Director: Ado Santana. 2010
THE LOOK OF THE LITTLE PRINCE. Director: Marta Calero. 2010
FOUR. Director: Attenery González. Best Actress Award, (Foro Canario). Film Festival of Las Palmas 2008
UNIONE EUROPEA Director: Andrés Koppel. 2007
THE NORTH. First Prize Canarias Rueda Competition 2005.

Spots La Palma Film Commission. 2015
Spot Anniversary Binter. 2014
Image campaign 2013 Jewelry Un Cacho de Canarias
Image campaign 2012 Canaria Yrichen Foundation
Image campaign 2011 – 2012 Scooter’s Pizza Factory.
Campaign against gender violence. Council for the equality of Arucas. Las Palmas de G.C. 2009
Autumn 2007 campaign image El Muelle Shopping Center. Las Palmas de GC

Enrróllate Films. Voice for the program “Cocina conmigo”. Watch me TV
ADXY Voice for different TV and radio ads, island and national campaigns
Black Point Voice of different national and island national TV and radio campaigns.
Oquio Visual Doing. Voice in corporate videos for different companies, including Oquio Visual Doing
Cabildo of Gran Canaria. Voice for the app “A walk in the city”. Tourism Campaign 2011.
City Hall of Gran Canaria – Promotion Society. Voice of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2016

Nominated Best Actress in the IV Awards Replica to the Performing Arts of the Canary Islands. 2012
Nominated Best Actress in the I Replica Awards for the Performing Arts of the Canary Islands. 2009
Best Actress Award at the Las Palmas Film Festival, within the Forum contest Canary. 2008

Degree in Dramatic Art from the School of Actors of the Canary Islands (Centro Superior Authorized). Specialty: Textual interpretation. Las Palmas de G.C.
Master of Education Professor (C.A.P.) Alfonso X El Sabio University, Madrid, through the Superior Canary Institute of Studies. ICSE. Las Palmas de G.C.
Youth Technical Conference. Government of the Canary Islands
Prevention and Treatment of School Harassment. Training for teachers. Ministry of Education.
School Harassment and Legal Aspects. ULL. Tenerife
Intensive Seminar “Interpretation and Actoral Technique”, taught by Emilio Nunñez. school Cristina Rota. Madrid.
Casting workshop, taught by Andrés Cuenca. Madrid. Seminar “Éntasis, for architecture and performative art”, given by Michelle Moneta. Italy.
Seminar “Stanislavski prova Otello. Psychological realism and its projection in the world emotive character “, taught by Edo Bellingeri. Italy.
Seminar “Regentar: actor and stage space”, given by Edo Bellingeri. Italy.
Seminar “Animation architecture”, taught by Ricardo Dalisi. Italy.
Seminar ” dramaturgy of the scenic space”, taught by Marco Di Marinis. Italy.
Seminar “Days on Fencing and Scenic Struggle”, taught by the Master of Arms Enzo Querubino. Tenerife
Body Mime. Etian Decroux technique, taught by Sergio Lantigua. Las Palmas de G.C.
Practice of the Verse, taught by Jorge Reyes. Las Palmas de G.C. And Francisco Rojas.
Scenic Space and Dramaturgy, taught by Rafael Rodríguez. Las Palmas de G.C.
History and Design of Clothing, taught by Sabina Moncys. The Gran Canarian palms.
Makeup and Characterization (Theater, Cinema and TV), taught by Agustín Padrón Castañeda.
Seminar “The dramatic construction”, taught by Itziar Pascual. The palms of G.C.
Seminar “The dramatic writing”, given by Irma Correa, within the project “Canary Islands write theater. ” Las Palmas de G.C.
Advertising Graphics and Advertising. Higher School of Art G.C. Las Palmas de G.C.
Final Art of Graphic Design. Higher School of Art G.C. Las Palmas de G.C.

Knowledge about singing
corporal education
scenic fight
body mime and pantomime.

Spanish (mother tongue, neutral accent and canary)
English (level: medium)