Rubén Arroyo

2013 LA MARQUE DES ANGES directed by Sylvain White; part of Interpol Police, Paris
2010 BLACK BREAD (9 Goyas awards® winner) dir. by Agusti Villaronga; part of Police Prison, Barcelona
2009 TRANSFIGURED NIGHT directed by Alexia Muinos; part of Rogelio, Barcelona
2009 TRASH directed by Carles Torras; part of Security Agent, Barcelona
2009 LITTLE ASHES directed by Paul Morrison (2000 Oscar awards® nominated); part of Rafael, Barcelona
2008 REFLECTIONS directed by Bryan Goeres; part of Geo Leader, Barcelona
2002 THE TULSE LUPER SUITCASE: THE MOAB STORY directed by Peter Greenaway, special appearance as statue, Barcelona

2013 RICHELEU, DU PORPRE ET DU SANG for France TV directed by Henri Helman; part of Mirabel’s Marquis, Toulouse
2008-11 INFIDELS , LA RIERA and VENT DEL PLA Catalonian TV Series; parts of Police Captain , Felip and Felip’s friend, Barcelona
2008-09 SERRALLONGA Catalonian TV Serie directed by Esteve Rovira; part of Antic’s soldier Barcelona

Creation of the following general audiences shows with my own company
EN CIA. DE LA BESTIA : WELCOME TO THE SKY as an astronomical voyage in company of Copernicus; ART YOU, ART ME, ARTE ALL OF US as the subtle combination of the arts of theater, music and painting; DRACULA…, ME…?! as the story of Dracula totally mimed and comical; VOYAGE , as a historical drama in the first trip of Columbus to America with singing, mime, violin, soundtracks, etc., in Spanish; the French one-man show A APANISHER IN FRANCE; street characters-shows BRITO REFEREE & the clown one FREDO’S HOUSE; mimed environmental subject for all audiences play MY NATURE
A TREE’S STORY, directed by Carolina Rivas, Contempory creators, Barcelona
7 QUARTS DE MÉROU – Acides Animés Comp.- Creation of the slapstick, clownesque & non-spoken show, Paris
TRICICLE 20 YEARS, Tricicle-Clownic Company, Barcelona
MERLIN, THE MAGIC IS BACK directed by Tono Berti, Cultural Prods.; multidisciplinary playing; King Arthur first part, tour over Spain

2015 CLAIRE OBSCURE, short film directed by Marc Noujaim; main role of Emilio, Paris

2018 Hitchhiking roadtrip travel pilot between Spain and France VOYAGE I – TO ASK, TO GIVE, TO SHARE
2017 Action webseries BARCELONA SECRETS CAPITULO 1 and BARCELONA SECRETS CAPITULO 3 ; main role, Barcelona
2006-08 BNP Paribas Bank; photographic advertisement; part of the Mexican in a XIX century western Saloon, Paris
2005-06 Short Play CD with versions on crooner, rock and roll and pop style in English, French and Spansih

2015-16 Clown workshops with Miner Montell , Michel Dallaire and Gabriel Chame, Barcelona and A Coruña
2003-05 Lyric and modern singing coach by Renn Lee; Cité des Arts, Paris
2002-04 International Theater School Jacques Lecoq Diploma on theatrical playing and creation, Paris
2012 De la Commedia dell’Arte a la Tragedia workshop with Luis Jaime-Cortez from Hibou Company, Paris
2001-07 Writing workshops in L’Obrador with S. Pompermaier, D. Plana, C. Batlle and C. Be
2003-05 Lyric singing (barithon-bass) and modern singing with Renn Lee; Cité des Arts, Paris
2001-02 1st year at Col.legi de Teatre in Barcelona

Bilingual on English, Spanish, French, Catalan
Italian high level

Accents: different regional spanish accents, russian, french, portuguese, arab, swidish;
Mime; Practice on: martial arts, horse riding, fencing and several sports